Boston Globe Dishing Blog

welcome, dear reader;
repasts (slicked with fondness, fat)
mine, to remember.

Great Lost Bear

feeling skeptical
as the northern version of
spicy is, well, not

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Local 188

we share many things
(train rides, stained mugs, pickles, dreams)
but brunch is sacred

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Bistro du Midi

ribbons of pleasure,
woven through the tiara
of ev'ry princess

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Gourmet Dumpling House

cravings are a queer
thing; to think! saucy putrid
tofu floats your boat

Gourmet Dumpling House on Urbanspoon

Coffee By Design

which trembles louder?
locally roasted beans or
a sleepy-eyed love?

Coffee By Design on Urbanspoon

Otto Pizza

oily ambrosia,
a besotted slice for three;
we took the long way

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Duck Fat

the things that move us;
holy trinity of spud,
fowl grease and fungus

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Novare Res

the universe casts
unanswerable questions
like, "mustaches? here?"

Novare Res Bier Cafe on Urbanspoon

Beals Ice Cream

freshly churned dairy
casting a glow not unlike
stolen barn kisses

Beals Old Fashioned Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

The Gallows

i refuse to live
in a world where the answer
to poutine is no

The Gallows on Urbanspoon

All Star Sandwich Bar

kimchi, immodest,
lavished upon this mouth-beast,
while koreans weep*

All Star Sandwich Bar on Urbanspoon

Danish Pastry House

fresh off the crumby
blade; sparks of ginger
a stealth stowaway

Danish Pastry House on Urbanspoon

Bintliff's American Cafe

lust, feasting upon
the morning after; pink flesh
goads, succumbs, endures

Bintliff's American Cafe on Urbanspoon


pork-stained fingertips,
tracing the slathered urban
plight, hot off the press

Paseo (Fremont) on Urbanspoon


wield your modesty
in more than arugula,
than porkfat, than brine

Cicchetti on Urbanspoon

M Bar and Lounge

sleeping tidily
in lacquered berths, char and silk,
what fine orphanage

M Bar and Lounge on Urbanspoon

Kelly's Diner

if only we all
were soaked in cinnamon and
butter and mercy

Kelly's Diner on Urbanspoon

Jo Jo Taipei

no less a comfort
than a mother putting on
your other mitten

Jo Jo Taipei on Urbanspoon

Pastelaria Broadway

nose, jaw, sunk deeply,
losing myself in your fried
wiles, dear coxinha

Pastelaria Broadway on Urbanspoon

Frank's Steak House

i am sixty-five;
townies do not give a damn
with each beefy chew

Frank's Steak House on Urbanspoon

Street Treats

dessert first, she said,
pressing two snickerdoodles
deeper into cream

Tavern Law

lithe dancer, you are
green, wanton, casting
light against the darkest world

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Voula's Offshore Cafe

the lingered beauty
as you burst like a dying
star, a crying child

Voula's Offshore Cafe on Urbanspoon


meow, pussy cat-fish,
you play not with balls of yarn —
your fate is greater

Monsoon on Urbanspoon


a reborn belly
draws breath from salty udon,
strands wet with wanting

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